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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Whatever's Clever

Feeling faint, I feel the wind. The trees whisper lust as the leaves start to sin. Im covered in Bark my sap stays sweet. My frame is underfed while my soul is obese. Your limbs cant hold the weight of my thoughts, so mirror my branches to break my faults.

Feeling weightless, I float on fear. Releasing my burdens, tear for tear. I skip down memory lane, stopping by Revenge street. Viewing my former self on unsteady feet. Moving on to Uncertainty Ave where confusion & procrastination meet.
Feeling Dominate, Suffocating the progress. Swallow the passion and let disappointment digest. It runs through me like diarrhea from my brain, I flush the nightmares, its my dreams I must train. Addicted to rhyme and reason, Poetic Heroin in my Veins..

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