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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Losing It

Its Dark In Here, What do I see? A thousand lost souls crying out for me.
I pump my brakes, smelling smoke all along.
I inhale the desperation let it fill up my lungs.
I reach out to a human begging for some air. Pain flips on the switch showing me Love is not there.
Tormented by my own disappointment the souls begin to laugh. Stuck to my heart is my melted better half. I scrape whats left of him and I smear my brown skin, but my better half smells funny like he's covered in red sin.
The world has shut down allowing chaos to thicken the sky which Is why im Glad the Dark has Opened my eyes. I feel what You hear and Hear what You say.
The Love soul has always walked away. Let me clarify that My mental was born confused therefore every encounter with me may Leave You bruised.
When I fall on my knees the sun scorches my calves and advised me To cease the search for a understood past. I accept my fate and welcome the sunset.
Creatively Im blessed, my imagery so vivid. My skin on fire, the flames get higher. Enough to burn the dark to shed some Light.
The search for Ayana Eintou keeps me Right.

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