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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No More

Reflections of a deeper sound-Flyer than most yet still touching the ground. Look around silence you see be still & quiet part the red sea.
Many laugh & die some live & cry. Confused remedies in the vicinity. ice packs healing broken backs. Starvation for a relation-ships leave the dock. Half past on the love clock.
Rinsing tattered clothes sheltering battered loves marks of a glove No More. Yet i realize envy-most greed wants to feed. Daily hatred stired by machine hearts too robotic. My nerves click. Not thick try to be from 1 to 3 in 6 weeks fat cheeks-checks every week. I see you I get weak. I cant think.
Babies from ladies draped in mink, over filled sink Caution: the wind is howling rain is falling cleanse the soul No More. Cereal in a bowl unfinished-can you replinish? Sacrifice my heart suffering while apart straight down your head-always use the bed. Carpet burned knees all control is anchored.
Closed eyes with open minds-seem to find desolate times okay to desire someone else's fire. Burned by passion decades late of fashion No more food have to ration. Virgins turn to intro freaks. Born into a world where gold doesnt glitter. And girls like clothes that doesnt fit her. No more goodwill sheets now they use drapes to hide the clear windows privacy needed-hiding gambling games where a man cheated. Shots heard nobody heard except fly creatures-birds hold secrets they never tell. Fly south for winter but come back when its hot as hell Nature takes course women still wear horse-hair of course. Strong voice-why did you read this?
Every body has a choice!

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