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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A brilliant multifaceted scribe with An addictive Vibe. Undeniable creativity has been clarified. She carries the ability to leave you mystified.
Complexity in motion, loving her Gets you a lifetime of Devotion. But dont let her Energy give you mixed emotions. She was designed to be potent.
Bathing in different sounds, Her volume loud enough the Angels can hear it. She wont let your opinions dry her spirit. Auora so strong the Devil fears it.
A beautiful wreck with a Survivor's soul. Experiences creating detours along a versatile road. Eyes that have seen everything, yet her mouth Leaves most of the Visions untold.
Designed to protect her mind & heart from the less intense crowd. The ones who request she "dumb it down" and not Represent her Poetic crown. An unfulfilled Life is not hers to own. She lives in Vocabulary lane and Pays rent to Remain in a Heavenly Zone.
In closing, she's Deeper than any Quote. To reach her abyss, you'll need a bigger boat. Not to say your captain status might get revoked. But unless you step it up, its your Entire existence she can choke, no Heimilich allowed. Ayana is a winner without your Vote.

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