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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Deep In Fina

He Comes alive inside of me. Exploring every twist and turn.
The opportunity to dive into my abyss has been earned.
I'm pretty sure he'll meet the other parts of me along the way.
Each has her own presentation set up to entice him to stay.

Enter a realm of where nothing becomes something, and something strives to maintain.
Where passion pricks the skin and flows freely throughout my veins.
Such a dope depth you can simultaneously get high to.
A euphoric mixture of crazy, sexy, cool.

Stretched out on a bed of uncertainty. I expect the sheets to cheat. Sneak & tell tales of  how dried desires, convoluted conversations, and smothered moans meet. A menage' of melted energy, that feeds their curiosity.
The hunger for more is embellished yet unique.

It's impossible for me to be consumed in one sitting.
The deeper he goes, the desire to live here increases.
There's so many different parts of my body where he can fit in.
Break down the sections before savoring all of my pieces.

My name lingers on his tongue, long after his thirst has been quenched.
Fina's waters leaves his entire soul drenched.
Every time he breathes, I feel it upon my fingertips. That exhale inspires me.
Furiously, I write and write, hoping to mimic the exact emotion his existence pulls from me.

Careful which end is chosen to be the entrance. I prefer his thoughts slip through the cracks in my cranium, so I can enjoy another way of getting brain from him.
 Although we both know the silky solitude between my thighs is what really makes him rise.
Intense, pulsating persuasion? That's what I call my whispering eye.

Sometimes I swallow him whole so he can swim in the belly of the beast.
My beauty captured him, now he's addicted to the feast.
Delectable dining, serving him until Infinity. Now that you've dove to the bottom, why wouldn't YOU want to be In to me?

This journey isn't complete if you brake around my curves. No need to prolong this discovery, so speeding up is what I urge. 
Along the way, hidden desires will become revealed.