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Monday, July 11, 2011

When I'm In It

That sinking feeling. Feet in this setting become my anchor.  
The waves of emotion crash against the rocks, my body gives way.
And when I'm in this position, the drowning brings me to life.

I surface unaware that existing in this moment can be snatched away with one shot to the head.
But sometimes you must die in order to live. 

Reality is only as real as I allow it to be. 
Fantasy left in the water, thoughts spit out by the sea.

Rage brought me here, drifting on uncertainty. When I'm in this position, I push myself to paddle. To row, to stroke, to steer towards land. 
Knowing my second chance is right below the sands.

Distracted by the projection of rejection. Images crumbling all around me. 
Tidal waves creating ripples in my heart. Light at my back requesting to be shed. 
Fascination needs to be fed.

Open to interpretation, broadcasting my fear. 
Don't change the station.
Regret is near. 
Broken sound, silence has shattered.

That kick echoed for an eternity, the vibration matters.
When I'm in it, the music stops.

Alas, the world is my crew. Knowing how to smile at me just right. 
Allowing me to make up the rules as I go. 
Without a fight.

I'm fortunate to have an architect intelligent enough to be the voice of reason.
Uncovering all of me, even the parts that fell off the ledge, easy.

Leave me in limbo, sedated and sexy. 
Down here, there's no existence for sinning.

So please allow my totem to continue spinning.
Pitch me an idea, grant my greatness an extra Inning.
Stealing my desires are only the beginning.


The spaces in this piece was for you to visualize your own ending of When you're in it.

1 comment:

  1. I really enjoyed this read as your words took a board this emotional journey. You definitely have a way with words. Excellent write!!!