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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Longing

I saw him. In all his splendor. 
I wanted him. In all his existence.
By fear, I'm hindered. 
Afraid of being resisted. 

The longing to be recognized, to be craved.
A game of cat and mouse, well played.
Inspired by the breeze, that flows freely.
I want to surround his body, become his positive energy. 

Dangerously in lust, for a moment I would like to freeze desire. 
Allowing the non tangible intimacy spark a fire.
Melt away all uncertainties. This type of warmth, I never want to leave.

The longing to whisper his name. The longing for our last names to be the same. 
The longing to bring forth a healthy child, with his smile. Providing him a chance to exist with me, then create his own extension of himself. These longings I can't help.

His scent is the fliest of the high. 
I inhale and patiently wait to be lifted among the clouds.
Here we connect on a level that can never be duplicated.
Leaving kisses in the sky, once nightfall our love shines in the stars.
Although it shines from afar, Beauty is now reciprocated.

A timeless longing. A craving that haunts me.
Check ()Yes ()No ()Maybe 
This poem was just a fancy way of asking If you'll go out with me. 



  1. I love your writing style. The allure of your words are very seductive and I definitley loved the ending as well, very catchy and creative. Excellent scribe poet!!!