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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Daydream

Anticipating what's next. Curiosity has gotten ahold of me. I stepped out on a limb, unaware of how strong the branch was, hoping that falling isn't my destiny.

But if the situation should get the best of me, I'll undress my embarrassment and lay it down next to me.
A naked spirit, beautiful & free. I just might be able to fly away from this tree.

Feel the wind against my skin, caressing my body while in flight. Allowing the Sun to kiss me from head to toe, until the Moon takes over at night.

What I want to feel for you is just as open and wide as the sky I float in.
Im glad that the lust I leave on the clouds is not a sin.

Thoughts of you help me soar, but I want more.
Our time has cum because the passion is leaking from the core.

Hovering above the world, would love keep us off the ground.
But the moment I question other possibilities, {insert falling sound}

How can I love you, you're already on the wings of another.
A bird whose feathers keep you covered.

I only see the real you when she's left to form a V with her friends.
Sadly, I realize that here is where my fantasies end.
In the sky so clear & blue....

My reality is that I'm not fly without you. A faceless spirit in an unlimited sky of blue. Blurred mirror reflections until I found out how I can truly love you.