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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


His existence. So Complex and cool.
Im fixated on his eyes. The windows to his soul.
As I peak in, I see myself.
Crystal Clear.
We dont just celebrate the light, we make love through sunsets.
He comes alive in the darkness, such dark deliciousness divine.
Surrendering my fears and taking my dreams off the shelves.
He causes such a beautiful fever. It starts in my thighs and melts my sweet center. Once he pushes inside, he's stuck. A few hip rocks and he's free. Free to roam inside, passion pulsating.
the King of Intimacy. Disecting my desires. Slaying the pain that had My soul in chains.
Ready to keep my literary existence afloat. He inspires me. Turned the I to Us. He even lets me bust first. An explosion of words, moans, and grunts. A series of simultaneous syllables. Tongue full of thunder.
I am. He Is. We Are. Alive.


  1. Classic. Keep the ink flow'n.

  2. This piece speaks to me. I really dig your style of writing and expressing yourself.