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Monday, February 21, 2011

Killing Me Softly

Senseless killing. Of  my mind, body, and spirit.
Praying on my downfall and distress.
Ok with the combined sounds of love and hate.
You're Killing me softly.

Expectations so high, the clouds envy. Yet my goals and dreams are buried six feet deep.
See, location means everything and represents nothing.
Embellish my existence till Im only gorgeous on paper.
You're Killing me softly.

Stabs to the core of me. Watching my beauty bleed out.
Satisfied my self imaging is now distorted, you smile.
So dependant on your opinion, allowing Only your acceptance to intoxicate me.
You're Killing me softly.

 Invading my body, my passion swallows you whole.
With each stroke, my walls grasp, and You're content when i gasp. a Sign that im still Alive and feeling. Loving the fact that my love tunnel isnt well Traveled. Happy being the only explorer.
You're Killing me softly.

My soul isnt for sale or lease. Only to the universe I decide to release the real me.
Spilling orgasms on the stars, a Galaxy of goodies i leave.
Staying on earth, a piece of me dies every day.
Im now 90% invisible, similar to The Milky way.
You're Killing me softly.

Pre-meditated plots and schemes to suck my spirit dry.
Im every woman's nightmare and every man's desire.
A magnet of maximum moans. I am mirroring lust.
My heartbeats to the tune of captivity. Ready to Flatline at any moment.
You're Killing me softly.

On the other hand, im not ready to break free.
I love my captor and the energy he puts into my keeping me captive.
His choice to crave my elaborate insanity and fear it at the same time.
Delicious crimes against me satisfy his appetite. Everything he needs and nothing he wants.
He's Killing me Softly.

Yet, with each breath i take, he's dying Inside. Im part animal, Pussycat with 9 lives.
His plan for my death is so beautiful though. Ive accepted that no other discoveries for me will be allowed.
My fight for life leaves him wowed.
His creativity to wipe me away, has made me Proud.
No one hears the silent attempts, my poetry makes the Loudest sound.
So, he has to kill me softly.

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