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Thursday, March 3, 2011


The excessive intake of me, may make it hard for you to breathe. Consume all of my magnetic energy, let it surround your soul completely.
Levitate and float away, past exstacy straight to Happiness.
The Consumption of me isnt negotiable.  No trades allowed. I slowly slide inside and devour.
I seep through your pores and sit atop your skin.
You Reek of me. 

Me in entirety? A delicious web of adventure and wit. Traveling through your veins, the only way out is through a slit. And Im constantly trying to avoid your wrists.
My scent wants to stay upon your lips.
My sweat on your sheets, forever.

The consumption of me is such a delicious treat. I can dance inside your belly making your legs weak. I once was forbidden to ride you, now I live inside you. Close your eyes and lay with me in your dreams. We can rip your nightmares from its seams.
Share fantasies and consume desires.
An strict diet of passion & pain hotter than fire.

Say yes if they ask you if Consumng me is the Best. Our survival is the real test.
I want to trickle down your throat, backstroke through your chest. Kiss on your heart and put the heartache to Rest. I chose you to keep me alive, but wait.
Who's truly consuming who? If either of us flatline, we Are through.
Th consumption works both ways, and im addicted to your energy too.
Lets rationalize our hunger, full of wonder, satisfaction takes us Under.


  1. Feels like you're speaking of your orgasm, a part of your DNA, coming alive in your captives body. Your GPS (good p*ssy system) planted deep in their inner being, bringing forth mutual addictions, your taste, their touch. The gift of forevermore dripping all over the floor.

  2. Talented beyond measure. Waiting for you to step out on faith and truly walk in you calling.