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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yesterday Vs. Tomorrow

Living for today. But trapped between yesterday's reality and tomorrow's fantasies. 
Letting go of what Ive already done to prepare for what could be.
Yesterday's actions cant be erased. 
So I'm only motivated by previous happenings. 
Analyze, then silently scheme today about tomorrow's premeditated passion. 

Words and sounds on repeat. Today i wont accept Tomorrow's defeat. 
Let me choose my fate, even if the menu offers it bitter sweet.
A continuous mumble of mistakes. A plethora of promises daydreamed awake.

Today is humorous because I survived Yesterday's antics. An unsolved mystery of purpose, ready for Tomorrow's deceit.
Revised versions of myself  multiplied by panic. Distraught by the cloned acceptance my soul seeks.

Yesterday vs. Tomorrow. Today is the referee. 
Blowing whistles the instant my behavior becomes flagrant. 
Controlled moments with robotic thoughts, fearing Tomorrow's fragrance.
The smell of differences, free throwing desires. Yesterday isn't fouled out when Tomorrow's charity holds more chances.

Tomorrow is unwritten, intentions seemingly hidden. Today is anxious, observing abstract visions. Knowing Tomorrow's existence depends on Yesterday's interests. Comparing the regretful lived with the hopeful living. 
So who wins? Today i search for that answer. 
Using Yesterday's knowledge to put on Today's display.
Encouraging awareness for Tomorrow's show. 

Tainted scripts, made perfectly for reoccurring actors. 
If i can let go of Yesterday's reaction, I'll rehearse Today to maintain Tomorrow's sanity. I know what I did Yesterday was simple. What I'm doing today to preserve my mental, will marinate with intentions of savoring Tomorrow's seasoning. 

No matter what I did or will do, they both have the respect of Today's reasoning. 

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